Improve Your Website Ranking (Part 1)

I am often asked “What can I do to get to the top of the first page on a Google search?” My response is to “Pay Google” or pray. It is not easy and it is something you have to work at.

I once was able to get a client from page 98 to the bottom of page 1. But if you don’t keep improving and adding/updating your site and content, you will start to slip back down the page in ranking. Google likes site that are continually evolving.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Keyword/Text Copy

  • Research: Try to find which keywords or phrases your competitor’s websites is using. Talk to some of your customers and find out what word or phases they are using. Most searches are not 1-keyword long, but 2,3 or even 4 keywords long.
  • Text/Copy: Write compelling copy. No one knows your business like you do. If you’re not a good writer, bullet-point the important things. A good copy editor can smooth it out for you. Make sure your keywords and phases are worked in.
  1. Hire a Web Professional

Your son may be able to build you a website, but unless he is a professional, that is how it will appear. Visitor will judge your company and it’s capabilities based on your site. It doesn’t matter if your site is a custom built site or if you use one of the Content Management site (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or DotNetNuke).

A professional will ensure your website is built using:

  • Current coding standards (HTML5 / CSS3)
  • Correct URL structures
  • Uses meaning full title tags
  • The correct Meta tags
  • The proper heading tags (H1 – H6)
  • Content that will get SEO results
  • Create Site Maps (html/xml) and properly submitting them
  1. Web Site Appearance

  • Information architecture – is the skeleton of your website from which all other aspects are built – including form, function, navigation and interface, interaction, and visual design.
  • Appeal: It must be pleasing to the eye and it must be easy navigate in order to easy to find information.
  • Navigation: Has to be quick and easy to find information on the site.
  • Content: Must be keyword rich quality content. It has to make the visitor to want read more and explore your site.

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