Improve Your Website Ranking (Part 2)

4. Social Media

    • Set  goals: These could be for example increasing the size of the community and gain more exposure for your content.
    • Understand your target market: Before setting up your social media accounts, you should research and understand who you are you are targeting.
    • Select your social media accounts: There are so many different types of social media types. It is impossible for a business to be successful on all of them.
      Begin with  3-5 different account that you believe your target audience is active.
    • Connect with influencers: People with followers in social media can be valuable. They can be used to spread your message though their links. Locate them and try to connect with them.
    • Create a social media-posting plan: Decide how often you will post and what type of content you will use.

5. Content Marketing

    • Company blog: Fresh and useful content can rank high in search engines. It is also a good way to  acquire new links and increase the authority of the whole website. Always remember to leave a link to your website at the bottom of each post. Also ask them to like you on Facebook, follow your tweets or other social media accounts.
    • Guides, ebooks, user manuals or other useful content: These pieces require more effort, but if they are promoted correctly can help bring new links.
    • Info-graphics, charts, or other visual content: This is a type of content that can attract new links to a website.

6. Link Building

    • Guest blogging: This is another way to create useful links. It is important though to attrached quality guest blogging. High quality guest blogging using original content is the one that works best and can bring optimal results.
    • Contests or giveaways: A contest or a giveaway is a great way to bring traffic and increase awareness for a website, but also to build new links.

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